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I bought a print from a gentleman who worked for a museum and he said he was going to basically hook me up with what he called an artist proof which seems to be signed by Howard Fogg. He gave it to me for free. The back of the print has an indention where the signature was written. What do you guys think? Thanks for any help.

The first photo is a print I got from this guy which the signature is obviously printed just as a reference:

Obvious printed signature

Below is the signature in question


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Looks like a stamp of some sort The Rev imprint is very even. The darker edges and lighter middle of the strokes usually don't bode well. 

The "O" has no imprint on the back.  The two g's are fully imprinted, but in person it looks signed with a blue bic type ink pen. The camera doesn't show this well. I don't know if Howard Fogg stamped his signatures for prints, but I doubt it.

It appears to be a facsimile. The dark edges and light middle of the strokes are not really a trait of human signatures.

What is the name of the print?

It's a logo print so the name was the railroad featured. In this case Norfolk and Western. Here's a print from eBay I found and they look different from each other to me.

The seller has signed and unsigned versions of these logo prints for the same price. None of these signatures look like anything I have seen in looking. The ONLY thing that suggests these might be good to me at this point is that they are signed with the last name only As the collector, what should these bring in terms of value as hand signed prints? Seller's feedback is not stellar

Ok, that's the guy I got this from. He changed his eBay name so it threw me off. He's in his 80s and has someone else ship for him so he's a bit slow on shipping and his negative feedback is mostly never received. He is slow like I said.

This is an eBay message I got from him:

howard an I grew up together his father was president Litchfied Madison RR My Grandfather Was a vice present of Illinois Central= Howard passed away in 1994 I am now 89 alot of this is long gone from my brain= very hard to recall these kind of details.I also had a brother who kept details but he also passed awat in 2003. sorry gary

I looked into this and he was right. Don't mean much, but we did discuss the prints a bit.

Here's another message he sent:

the one listed is a print the one you got was the artist proof on back is foggs name license number contract number copyright date.gary

Min you, he sent the supposedly signed one for free, so no need to BS me really. I got what I paid for and more. He sent me the free one for being patient I think.

There's only one Howard Fogg print on eBay signed in cursive going for $300 at the moment.

Let me say for the record, he never said the signature was Howard Foggs. He only says it an artist proof worth more than the print I bought, so there's that.

"...He changed his eBay name..."

I wonder why, at 89.

The data on the Rev only tells me it was mass produced.

His old username was treasurezz. 

This is apparently Fogg's full signature as hand signed on some of the 1976 Freedom Train posters: I saw another full signature in pencil but "lost" it when I shut a window and now I can't find it.


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