Greig McArthur very bad conduct

Hello everyone, I had a bad surprise in here and I'm very sorry!
I contacted the Sig.Greig McArthur (on this site) this site owner for the autograph of Amy Winehouse.
I'm new in this world and my asking around and asking questions is more than legitimate since royal money is not in my nature, photos and ask for money, I ask questions about the concert (where the autograph was written) as on the internet in that date is really very little material, Mr. concerned also tells me that I would have a lifetime guarantee, that is, if the autograph was false at any time I could return it ......... asking price £ 400 £ 400 £ 400 , oki, I convince myself to buy it and ask, RIGHT, RIGHT, a certificate of authenticity (as his site and his work and also to) the sig.Greig McArthur irritates me that there is not appropriate to make all these things and I said okay I keep etc ....... I apologize (probably in tradutte Google I wrote something inappropriate) no response for days ....... today looking at his I see the same site for sale autograph for 88 pounds 800 pounds 800 pounds.
congratulations for the seriousness, Mr. really helped a person who is NEW in this world.
if you want your conversations via email receipts you have only to ask!

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I am a registered dealer in UACC and AFTAL. I'm a well known music autograph authenticator.
I would say when buying autographs do your research as 99% of them in Ebay are forgeries.
Price, I wouldn't sell for less than £400. It's a very rare piece and I've never advertised it as it was part of my personal collection.
I tried :) ha ha ha ha ha ha X'd however certification is included in the ticket ? thank you very much Greig , you're too kind !

The set list is framed with the ticket attached to it. 
Certificate of Authenticity from my company is included. We offer lifetime money back guarantee as we know our items are 100% authentic.
Not many companies offer this.

ok ok ok, I'm sorry, unfortunately on that date there is very little little information but ............ she was to them is sung that day, it was not lack of confidence but lack of evidence truthful, for me you can do the deal ....... as mentioned in Messages previous, I would like authentication, the ladder with the autograph and everything there is or there is not included :) 400 including shipments or need to add? I live in Italy, I would pay with paypal / postepay Greig :) thank you and sorry again
I sincerely hope it is true :) ha ha ha X'd

The ticket is not enough proof? 
Don't worry about it. I think I'll just keep it as its a very rare piece and only authentic one I've seen in my years of collecting. 
Hello Matteo, 
I've done some research on the piece and this appears to be the only authentic signed set list there is plus it appears to be her own used stage copy.
I have listed the item on my website for £800. I won't sell for any less than this. I'm happy to hold onto it due to the rarity of the item. 
It is only one more question, then I swear I will not bother you again on various information ............. I searched the internet that date, comparing it with both amywinehouse that with the carling academy :) I get nothing Oo not the only time that amy has sung at the academy is in 2005 .............. G000032L1xdExIwU / I request you again sorry, I do not say that I do not trust you, or rather, if they are interested is because I really like ...... I just want things fit together :)
Perhaps you should write the whole conversation!
You had doubts because you couldn't find details about the concert online. I sent you links proven these concerts had taken place.

At the time you still weren't happy with this so I said that's fine as I was happy to keep it in my personal collection. This piece has never been seen before to the public.

Doing my research I seen how rare this actual piece is and days later listed it on my website for £800. You had your chance at the time to purchase it but you weren't happy.

Now I list it for more and you become interested again. Sorry Matteo but you had your chance to purchase it when I contacted you. You had 4 days of doubting the piece just because you couldn't find details of the concert. The ticket was attached to the signed set list.

seen? you answered yourself , I trusted you but nasty cow I can check more thoroughly the issue ? there's just a hint of a forum for participants to concerts , there are no videos , even photos on that date , even the Amy fans photos on that date , I had to shake up local people and to confirm that there is It was a concert . do not call lack of confidence but is called to be sure what you buy with £ 400 ; ) and the question remains the same ................. 400 not 800


wow I had 4 days to do a search , I'm really glad I waited then :) I'm really glad if you sell it to 800 , lucky you can buy it , I have never doubted the price ( I also wrote ) I I doubted either of you :) I just wanted to have other confirmations from various other tours organizers and promoters , I would like to see you in my situation , you go to buy an autograph and trust one information on the internet and trust one person :) I am not so , if people trust one person and disburses 400/800 pounds they are welcome ........... repeat, blessed is he that if you buy it ; )


You said you weren't happy due to lack of information.

I said don't worry about it I'll just hold onto the piece. This was after I tried to show you details of the concerts. Something I didn't have to do.

It was days later I then listed it on the site.
I know on January 28th Steve Jackson said he was offered this piece on RAC (facebook) for $575 which no one felt was an unreaasonable price. I don't mean to get involved except I remember seeing this piece spoken about before.




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