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Ringo didn't sign that in my opinion. It's better than a lot of Ringos we've seen here recently, though.

He has probably pic proof but I thought I would ask anyway

thanks for checking it out 

I love that you asked! Never be concerned in the least about that.

I think that authenticators should get at least two knowledgeable opinions on every autograph, no matter how good they are, unless they are utterly obvious forgeries.

You did the smart thing.

That is a very good try at Ringo's signature. This forger has talent and will no doubt fool a lot of inexperienced collectors. I have seen this style forgery before. Seen alot of them in Canada but I believe they are coming from and being forged in Philadelphia.

Does this change your opinion at all? I personally didn’t think ringo signed drum heads all that much 

Doesn't appear to be the same one he is signing in the image as the original one you posted. 

Yup he says he added The Beatles logo after ringo signed it, but the op looks white and the one he’s selling looks clear to me

bull s it .wrong drum head. one is clear one is matt .hes lying


Doesn’t appear to be the same drum head as in the OP.  The one Ringo is signing appears to be in black ink?  And the position of the R is noticeably higher than in the OP.

You can pick up Ringo Starr signed "art" drumheads at (a legitimate source where he signs his art for the Lotust Foundation) for $800 (possibly less if you speak to Neil) you won't have to guess about its authenticity either, and you will know for sure you are getting a real signed Ringo drumhead. 

Wow thanks Adam that’s much appreciated 


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