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Hi, thanks for you opinion. 

I just Bought This Lennon, for 993$..What do you think?

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Hasn't this topic been covered recently?

I hate to say it, but I don't think it's real. Then again, I don't think your Harrison is real either, even though it appears that a lot of people do.

When a popular autograph that people can easily find the value of is sold for far less than market value, there is usually a reason. 

I asked the opinion of Epperson for safety, and he indicated to me that it is authentic..


Could you post an image of the back please?

I do not have it yet, but then again, Roger has confirmed the authenticity

Did Roger confirm it by photo or did he see it in person?

I have no Harrison :)

I think Steve referred to my George Harrison autograph:


By the way, not only did Perry Cox confirm that the signature was genuine, but both Roger Epperson and Tracks UK confirmed that the signature was genuine. Does a signature that is sold cheap necessarily become a fake signature? Definately not!

You guy are mistakenly assuming all these people confimed those autographs are authentic. They are just telling you they think they are authentic.

There is a difference between confirm and opinion. Confirm means it's a fact. Only way they could confirm it is authentic is to actually see it signed and have provenance. All you guys have are opinions even though they may be good opinions there still leaves plenty of room for error. Authenticating is not an exact science. 

Try not to confuse the two. Collectors do this all the time with PSA, JSA and now with the new GA(Beckett) and end up with awful forgeries with advertising stickers on them.

Are you talking to me or to Daniele Vicari?

Yes, sorry, I confused you two.

This looks questionable to me.


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