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I'm curious, some folks collect signed Funko Pops. Has anyone had any ink issues?


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I had to look these up.  If the signature is on the plastic, I would think it could be a headache.  First, so much depends on the quality of the plastic.  Will it turn yellow or become brittle with age.  The signature is sitting on the surface so a bit like glossy photographs can be subject to scratches.  So, I would think these would just need a bit more care to remain pristine.  

Paint pen on plastic is at risk of coming off over time (years) and will scrape off easily if you are not careful. They do look good though altough I would much prefer an 8x10 for storage reasons.

There are protectors for funkos out there, these will help but will do nothing to combat the plastic yellowing etc that Scott Paul mentioned.

Thanks guys. I have always advised against them.


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