Ok I am going to post 3 different Mantle balls.

I am looking for the best one of the three. None of these are graded and I would like to know from some who have done this for longer than I have been alive haha; which one is the best sig, best overall, and which one would grade the best from the photos.

I know this is tough to tell but just what you think and why would help me out. Maybe I can learn something from this exercise about what makes a sig good and what would help the grade.


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what kind of balls are these on?  that affects the value.   One and three are very nice.  I do not like the second one at all.

What do you mean you dont like?

I am thinking of getting one of these but just wanted to know which one would be the best as an investment and for a collection.

I appologize all 3 balls are on OAL Bobby Brown Balls

the second one meaning the black background one?  Huh thats funny thats the most expensive one the is touted as very white and "not your average Mantle Ball"

If I was to choose between them I would go for #3....I like this one the best. 

2 is no good, 3 seems the best in terms of signature quality and appeal to me.  

All 3 are authentic. 

Ok there may be some confusion.
First all balls are authentic and certed.
I just wanted yo know which one would be the best yo own. Which would grade highest. And be best investment.

Regardless of the certs, I wouldn't buy the second one. Doesn't look good even if it is real.

I see nothing wrong with the 2nd one. In fact, IMO it's the boldest/whitest of them all. 

If I was held at gunpoint, I would pick the 1st one. I like how big the sig is, classic formation.

The 3rd one the "Mant" looks like it will fade over time.

The second Is most expemsive and the seller states that he would expect it to grade very high in the 8 maybe 9 range.
And that its "not your average mantle ball"
Im with you on the first on. I love the sig but im not sure about ball condition...

Mantle ball prices are pretty high right now. I would not pay $500 for one of the above... 

Here is a nice Upper Deck for $459...still more than I would pay, but within your price range. I have a snow white Mantle ball I would *maybe* let go for $400.


I agree. Authentic or not, I just dont like #2



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