I picked up this Audrey Hepburn book at a garage sale. Do you think this is authentic?

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her handwriting had a notable slight slant to the left, as if it were signed by a left-handed person.

Unfortunately this was not signed by the actress.  Probably a secretarial.

I had the extreme pleasure of wine for two with her at a table -  this is not her hand.

sorry this is not her sig

Wow. Wine with Audrey! That's in the same class as shaking hands with Sinatra! :)

This was 1990 or '91  or so. Unicef The Diary of Anne Frank cast party - last performance. She arrived and was jammed in a corner! All the musicians were in a long long and she was cornered, signing posters. I went to the bar, ran into Leon Fleishman from the week before, got one red and one white wine and went to Mrs. Hepburn. I grabbed a chair and simply placed it the way of the line and said "THIS STOPS HERE". I then sat and had a dream  - a chat with Audrey Hepburn. Not "Business" Just chat. I recall I kissed her hand. She had wrists like pencils. She was so ill - but then  she jumped up and danced like HELL with the young kids and knew all the moves! Lovely LADY.

Love that story!



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