I want to discuss MMP collectibles for fake forged autographs

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They have been discussed many times on here. Everything they have is Fake or Forged, but I'll play along.

Did you get your Money-Back?? Hopefully you payed with Paypal or Credit Card??

The last/only signed album at RR sold, in 2012, for $3,700. Simple signatures can bring $1000+. This was $550? Hmm.

It definitely looks fake to me, just like everything else I’ve seen on that site.

Fingers crossed they have been busted...

This "Bowie signed" strat they sold would have fooled quite a few people.

It sure could. To me, it's very smooth and those two zero's...and a slightly odd transition from the "B" to the "O" bit - the start of the "o" also. I also find the smooth curve before the start of the paraph (coming off the "o") a bit strange. And neither tick for date or "i" dot. 

Which means, I'll be back under a different name very soon!!


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