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Now that I have some time to look, I'm not comfortable with these at all compared to his known signature. How has TSL been for returns, did they accept returns for anyone who went happy with Hagar? I still have mine since I believe they are real but that should be left for the other thread. Although I should mention that I have seen PSA authenticate them if you trust their service.

I'll contact TSL and see what they are willing to do

I finally got a response on my question regarding them being legit. 

Doubt it

Is talkshop a reputable site?

They're just a seller. They are awful for refunds and want nothing to do with helping the buyer. They get what they get from the artist and sell it. If artist says it's real, they say it's real. The only other item they've sold that was questioned was the Sammy hagar Michael Anthony cds. Some say good, some say bad. 

Sammy confirmed via Twitter that is was him signing it, and that Michael quit during the signing s.t. the last copies of that CD were signed only by Sammy.

You can look at the whole discussion on the RACC Facebook group.

Terrible customer service and do not really care if real or not.  They just sell..sell.. sell 


There have been signed copies of this on eBay since mid November. Also signed inside. Not sure where those came from but some sellers listed them as limited to 300. Those do seem to look better than the talkshop ones imo. I still need to pick mine up at the post office so haven't actually seen mine yet.

Thanks, was wondering where those older ones were from.

I've deleted my reply from yesterday, as this case seems very fishy.

Ice-T has posted links for Talkshop.live on his Twitter / X account, but his "signature" on this batch of orders looks very very off. Almost like a forger did it. It doesn't look good when crossing it with the reply @Jeff got from Talkshop.live themselves.

We'll have to see how it goes, because it doesn't look good as of now. I posted an eBay example on the RACC group and everyone almost unanimously said that this is forged.


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