I happened to be reading some of the earlier posts on this site and came across one from earlier this year regarding a silk screen print signed by Jimmy Page and the artist, Sandra Lawrence back in 2000.  All opinions on this site were that signature was authentic.

I reached out to Ms. Lawrence via her website/email regarding the print and found out she still has a few artist proofs left.  I just bought one of the proofs (still have to receive it).  Only 30 artist proofs were produced, they were split between Ms. Lawrence, Jimmy Page, and the printer.

The reason I'm sharing this is that the print cost just under US$700 with shipping.  It's hard to find an authentic Page signature anywhere south of US$1,000 (unless I'm looking in wrong places).  It's a 30"x31" piece with image being 25"x25" so it's a nice large size.  I'm kind of amazed that these didn't sell out several years ago.  I'm looking forward to receiving and framing it.

I've attached a couple photos I received from Ms. Lawrence showing one of the artist proofs and an article that was written in 2000 related to the signing.

I hope this helps anyone looking for a "reasonable" Page signature!




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Jimmy's web site is also selling signed prints here:


At least you know the money goes to him rather than a reseller!

Bruce - if interested in the print I purchased, you can email the artist (Sandra Lawrence) directly via her email.  You'll see her email address at the bottom of this link:



I don’t see these being sold there anywhere on his site.

Steve - it’s not promoted on her website but you can email her regarding the print to get more info.


You can also still purchase the Yardbirds ‘68 signed deluxe box set on his site for 400 GBP (about $500). It’s also signed by Jim McCarty and Chris Dreja. I purchased one and they pack it very securely for shipment.

That one was tempting also!  It's a great box set.


That may have to be my christmas present to myself!

Don’t see this available on the site.

Thanks for the link.  I wish they showed the signature so I could get an idea of placement and size.

You can see a few of them on eBay. Search ‘Yardbirds 68 Deluxe’.





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