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interesting. someone with 0 feedback won it.  

We agree. He created the account to make this purchase. He was very motivated as we received full payment within 5 minutes of auction close. Have a great holiday!

Beatlemaniacal is our Ebay ID. The bottom line folks: we sold our U.S. Dollar on Ebay for $25,100.00

BTW, "shilled" is not only baseless, but a ridiculous comment when applied to an auction with a starting price of $21,000 and only 3 bids. Lol - Interesting comment coming from a fellow collector. Hope your day gets better for you! Happy Holidays!

I am having a difficult time believing that anyone would pay 25K for beatles signatures (no question authentic) on a dollar bill, especially when murray the K signed over John Lennon, or most likely, visa versa.

You could obtain a nice signed photo or maybe even a signed album for that kind of money, or a little more.

+1 This!!!

Thanks Eddie. We appreciate your supportive sentiment on our sale, which is what we expected from our fellow members. We're quite pleased at the return on this investment as we purchased it from Juliens for $18K last December. Our investment in establishing the bill's provenance with Mr. Caiazzo gave us a return of 40%

We'll certainly think twice before sharing any of our future collectibles purchases or sales. Lol

Have a blessed holiday!

William can you post some screen shots?  Its always nice to document things like this with visuals, just for future sake.

You´re welcome!

Wow!! Great job William, i think you have provided enough evidence to everyone, for us to see what is going on. I hate Shill bidding to run up the price. And it seems very likely at this point that that is what went on and is still going on. The ones who do this should be very careful though, b/c ebay will boot sellers that do this without blinking an eye. Once reported, it seems thats one of the few things they actually act upon.

William, great job on this, very enlightening

Well, this is one instance of self-promotion that just didn't go too well.

William isn't as bright as he thinks. I'm a wealthy man; I have no need to "shill":


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Total sales:
Dec 5, 2013   Payment From
Shipped,   $25,200.54 -$731.12  $24,469.42 USD
Get a life, Farrell



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