I'm not sure if this is quite the forum I should be using, but I have a question that I posted some time ago and never heard a response. Basically, I have a copy of  former Chicago Sun-Times columnist Irv Kupcinet's  (Kup's) column dated Nov. 30, 1962 noting that Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. were going to appear at the Villa Venice, a suburban Chicago venue, with alleged mob ties,  for a seven-day stay for which they were to receive a "spectacular" take of $400,000, "probably an all-time high in night-club annals". Me and two of my friends, all under age at the time, got into the parking area of the venue and worked our way to the backstage area and waited for the trio to arrive. When they finally showed up in a limo, Sinatra was the first to exit, followed by Martin and lastly, Davis. We are all in awe and asked Mr. Davis if he could give us an autograph. "Call me Sammy," he said and took us backstage to the dressing rooms where he had Sinatra and Martin sign the Kup's column I was holding. Being underage, we were escorted out immediately after they gave us their autographs. I still have the column with their autographs and am looking to sell them. The little research I've done online has indicated that it is quite rare to have anything with all three of their autographs. If anybody is interested in pursuing a purchase, I will gladly send a photo of said column and autographs. I realize that this is not a forum for sellers, but I'd rather not go through eBay or other selling sites.

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There is a sell / buy forum on the boards here. Posting the message there might get the most attention. Best of luck w/ the piece.

Still have this. Pm me if you do thanks



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