Just found this CD today at FYE, heck of a find if these are authentic. Please take a look at scans below.

Thank you,


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Great find, these are definitely authentic.

Looks to be signed by Dave, Adrian, Steve (+ "All The Best") and Nicko (+ "Ta!"), no Bruce.

Probably from about 10-15 years ago, impossible to get a nice Dave Murray autograph like that anymore.

Thanks J. for the comment, I couldn't make them out myself.
Not interested in selling it, but what would you say this would go for?

I'd say $100-150, maybe more for the right buyer. The album itself is a classic and the autographs look perfect.

These guys have become pretty difficult (and some of their signatures are very sloppy now), but I'm not sure if people have realized that yet. Not too much authentic stuff out there apart from the fan club photos from 10+ years ago.

Most of the real stuff is still with the people that got them signed in the first place. I still have most of my signed iron maiden albums in my collection.
And I agree that they have been more difficult with time. Not like in the old days when they signed thru everything you had.

And yes, these are authentic and nice. Not a surprise that Bruce is missing, he is usually busy with taking care of the plane for the next flight.

Yes, Bruce is the most elusive member of the band. Even if you do catch him these days, the signature is likely not going to be pretty.

Sure wouldn't like to be starting from scratch with Iron Maiden collecting at this late stage, especially with Clive Burr already gone.

Amazing find!



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