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Signed on a copy of The Caine Mutiny, apparently this was obtained at the Columbia Studios entrance when Bogart was working on the film adaptation.

Ps apologies the pic is side-on - not sure how to correct this.

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I believe this may be a forgery....although a somewhat clever one.  I don't like those straight lines going from the "H" to the "u" and the "B" to the "o"...clearly stopped before going on and not flowing like Bogart typically did.  The "H" is also carefully flourished, skinny and does not look spontaneous to me. That "g" dropping down also looks slow.  I've never seen him add a year to a signature...but that doesn't mean he never did it though.  

There are some qualities that look decent.  Maybe others will be more forgiving.

I just purchased an authentic Bogart autograph from RR and I did a lot of research before I did. I do not believe this is authentic. Eddy (Etienne) is right on with his points. 

Thanks both for your replies, appreciate it.

First I tended slightly to "yes" although being irritated by the underlining and the year being added. But Eddy's points make the match, I think.


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