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Hi there everybody. Any chances for this to be real? your help would be pretty much appreciated. Thank you!

- Rup

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Friend request and message sent.

Hello Rupert,

I thought this might be of interest:

Station to Blackstar: David Bowie Signature Study 1976-2015 by your...

It looks typical to me.

Andy is among the top Bowie authenticators in the world. That is why he works with the Bowie estate. I have helped out there from time to time. Who are these "little people" you speak of?

No problem. There is also Mark G and Steve, and some say me as well.

Hello thanks for helping me. in that case I guess I'll try to find another one; thanks again!!

- Rup

Here is an example of my work for Andy at davidbowieautograph.com

Click for larger image:


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