Old guy seems legit. Bought it from a very reputable dealer in Vegas who died about 6 years ago. BUT, I sent a pic to Global Authentics (they offer a quick opinion for $10) and they came back with a negative.  So crap. I doubt $10 got me more than a glance at it, but still, it has no COA and I don't want to buy if I can't get someone reputable to say it's authentic, just in case i ever had to liquidate.  So, anyone on here know Eddie VH signature really well? It says Van Halen 07 under the signature and by the way, who would butcher that part so badly if they were doing a fake?  Just a thought.  Any help would be appreciated.

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I don't know this signature, but  - wait, you bought it from a dead dealer in Vegas 6 years ago and have yet to pay for it? 

Well, the Vegas/dead dealer/no COA/GA confluence inspired me to look a bit. This does not appear a genuine signature from what I have looked at. Other who know more will hopefully chime in. 

That's funny.  I like that you got that out of what I wrote.  Maybe I'm tired and need to go to bed, ha.  The guy who wants to sell it bought it from a dealer in vegas 6 years ago.  Now dead.  I actually have a VH signature but it's so faded that it's worthless, however after looking online at different signatures, he's all over the place.  I don't know how anyone authenticates him, he's got so many signatures. What the heck to do.  Thanks for your input.

Sure. I see - there is a middle man offering it to you. I would not place any value in GA. You can send an image to Roger Epperson - that is an opinion worthwhile. See the page linked below - on the right side you will see instruction for getting an opinion.

Link to Signed Sealed Delivered/Roger Epperson

thanks.  Well I paid your boy Roger E. for his opinion so we'll see what he says tomorrow I guess.

I'm betting the seller is willing to let it go pretty cheap. That's how they get unknowing buyers to part with their hard earned cash. A deal way to good to be true.

No he wants good money for it.  Has an amazing collection of over 70 guitars, some custom made for him by the same guy in Vegas.  He was more of a guitar maker than a dealer from what I gather.  Wish I could remember his name but I guess it doesn't matter. Could supply if it matters. Have to walk all the way upstairs though. Roman guitars.  I looked.  Ed Roman has been dead for 6 years and sold the guitar to him along with several other guitars he custom built him.  Gave him the VH signed guitar because he messed up something on one of the other guitars he made him.  All useless info I know. And it was a signed pick guard he put on a cheap squire.

It might be of interest. Some names say a LOT.



you are saying that Roman both "sold the guitar to him" and "gave him the ...cause of mess up"

which is it?

"...who would butcher that part so badly if they were doing a fake?"

Your average forger. They often have low aim.

not real


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