Allegedly the signature was taken at Colorado Avenue, California, USA during February 2001.

Does this look like his handwriting or signature.

Guesses are fine. All opinions welcome.

Thank you for your support.

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Additional information.

The person selling this is a man named "W.C. Alwright" from Ireland.


Nice authentic example!


Seriously? This is listed as no reserve auction for just $28

Can it be true. It finally sold for a total of $99 as final winning bidder.

Seems like a bargain of a lifetime.

Lots of low priced junk from that seller, including a $30 Bob Dylan autograph.

But do look closely at that Bob Dylan autograph. Dylan just scribbled / doodled his incomplete poorly written name. Why not make a better forgery like this Johnny Cash signature?

The $31 Keith Richards signed photo doesn't look good to me. I also see a $33 Harrison Ford signed photo, a $76 Springsteen signed photo, a $35 Don Henley signed photo, a $47 Glenn Frey signed photo, a $54 Jimmy Page signed photo, a $40 Muhammad Ali signed photo, a $38 Clint Eastwood signed photo, a $30 Paul Newman signed photo, a $27 Jack Nicholson signed photo, and on and on. That doesn't exactly instill much confidence in the abbreviated and unusual looking Dylan signature. 

So you are judging signatures by Price alone ?

Is that how collecting works? Spend 1000 dollars and therefore it is genuine ?

Of course not. I've seen forgeries sell for a lot more than $1,000, and I did say that I don't like the Keith Richards signature. Maybe he's just the unluckiest seller on eBay, with many of his items selling for a fraction of their actual value.


Anyone here who is an expert on Johnny Cash signatures ?

Please advice.

I am betting not genuine. Were you the winning bidder? For $15 get a quick opinion from Roger Epperson. 


I have seen various threads in this forum where unknown individuals contribute nothing to the discussion except saying "Send it to Mr ____ for $5 verification" for your "peace of mind".

Is this a popular scam on this website? Spend more money on a forgery by sending it for $5 or $15 verification from unknown Verifier who has no legal standing nor authority for Signature Verification ? ? ?

Seems like a scam right under the nose of this Website's Admins.

 TPAs (Third Party Authenticators, JSA, PSA/DNA. REAL(Roger Epperson)) can verify a signature for others. Roger Epperson is among the best for Music autographs. He'll email you and tell you if it's real and not. You pay for quick opinion for piece of mind mostly, if you aren't knowledgeable of the graph itself or aren't 100% sure on the graph. TPAs are very helpful in the autograph world, that being said though there are some TPA tagged pieces that are forgeries because these "TPAs" besides Roger aren't using the right people for the right kind of graph. As far as PSA/DNA quick opinions you won't really get a 100% verifiable answer, it's a toss up because you don't know who looked at the graph and gave the opinion. Which is why it's a better idea to come here and ask for an opinion on a graph.

You say "Spend more money on a forgery by sending it for $5 or $15 verification from unknown Verifier who has no legal standing nor authority for Signature Verification" You have to understand not everyone is right on this site, there will be opinions that will differ between members. It's all about learning the graph, that's the game. There are people who know these graphs inside and out and will give an honest answer as to if it's real or a forgery. Also I'm not sure where the "Legal Standing" comes from but people who authenticate graphs know what they are doing and will give that honest answer. The best way to tell if graphs are real is either study a bunch from 100% real exemplars or to get the graph in person from the celebrity. But even if you study there will be some that will throw you off, there will always be someone better than you when it comes authenticating a certain celebs autograph.



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