I came across a store called Autographs Authentication Store (autographsauthenticationstore.com). They seem to have a very large selection of autographs of all kinds, including Beatles autographs. Does anyone know if this is a legit dealer?

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Every single autograph I saw were fake, run far away from this scammer!

Thanks! That's what I thought. They just seemed to have way too much stock for it to be real.

Yes, you should definitely avoid that site. They have a long history of selling forgeries.

Where would you all recommend going for legit Beatles autographs? I'm not looking for a full set. I'd love to have a George Harrison autograph -- even just on a piece of paper. Doesn't have to be anything fancy.

There are a few specialist dealers online but I would not buy anything on reputation alone with no personal input. That's just me and how I do things - nothing against anyone else or how they do things. I would suggest getting acquainted with the signature and what it normally brings in the various forms (a cut as you described, a signed photo etc). and sit back and learn a bit before making a choice. Then I would suggest starting a "Wanted" ad here in our Buy Sell & Trade forum asking people to show you what they have to offer and what they are asking. This will allow you some choice and everything sold here has to be authenticated or pass group consensus etc.


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