I was hoping to see if anyone could tell me if it was fake or not. The seller had posted in the description it has a COA guarantee to pass any reputable third-party authentification service or your money back. They have several they are selling. 

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This is an example of a seller worth avoiding. Laundry list of highly sought after Funko Pops, many "signed" by superstars all with a 99 cent starting bid, infinite supply and no word whatsoever where he got them from. This guy is dirty.


Thanks for the reply! I’ll definitely steer clear of this seller.

late to the discussion but be extra careful looking for Brie, she's notorious for not signing

I can’t tell you if it’s real or fake because I’ve personally never seen her grab a marker lol 

Hi All,

I see these things signed so much - but what is the stability of the ink/paint pen on a not-rigid inexpensive plastic substrate?


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