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That is listed by Ebay seller Parkrowcollectibles.

Below is my thread on them.

He knows he is selling crap.


Thank you so much!! Needed to see that. 

You're welcome.

Did you buy it, Levi?

Unfortunately I did, I haven’t paid for it but I’m going to attempt to back out of it. 

In the future, post the auction here before you bid.

Good luck.

He canceled the order after I ripped him a new one in a message. Thanks a lot you helped!! 

You're welcome, Levi. 

That's the only way to deal with those people who sell this stuff.

Is this Derek Jeter signature real??

what a piece of crappola

Christopher Williams is the absolute man with Derek Jeter and Mickey Mantle autographs.  I'm sure people would pay to see you do an autograph study on those two.  I was a fan of your old youtube videos. Glad to see you kept up the great work here on this website. Your knowledge of Jeter and Mantle is much appreciated and second to none.  Thanks for all you do, Chris.

Harald, I am flattered by your comment.

Thank you very much.

I have decided to start doing YouTube videos again, but not nearly in the numbers I did previously.


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