I have seen Eli signature this looks nothing like it however it has a JSA cert


Thanks for all your help


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Absolutly not. I would be careful of any item you buy from that seller. He has been brought up in the past for shady items..

Thanks for the reply it didnt look right to me especially the last name.

Eli Does have a shorter variation of his in person autograph but that is nothing like it.

It's strange that they didn't post a straight-on image of the autograph, isn't it? Who wouldn't do that?

This looks super shady would run away from this one the auto is really off

I have gotten Eli several times in the past few years both at paid signings and training camp and ALWAYS at camp or a non paid signing he does give a "short stroke" last name it will be Eli Mg and the "G" BUT his "M" is always the same and the "E" in Eli will always look the same and as you can see in this photo the "E" and "M" are wayyyyyy off, notice the Hook on the top part of the "E" and how the center of the "M" comes down to a point in the middle nothing like his E or M.. Also just an FYI this same seller has this account (thewizardof024) Where he lists all of his GAI items, I know this for a fact, look at the consistancies in the listings if you think I am off also another FYI this same seller happens to be a consultant for one of the 2 other authentication companies and ebay is actually looking into this since it is a conflict of intrest to work for an authentication company and list items from the same company on ebay.

Thanks everyone this looked too fishy so i stayed away from it.

I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I was recently at The NFL Experience in New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII and I bought an autographed football by Eli and Peyton Manning. I now feel it is a fake.. Can anyone help me out?  Attached are pictures of the signatures.



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