Very informative forum! Thanks for having me!  Anyone able to tell if this Gleason signature is the real deal?   Thanks in advance!!

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Hi, would need to see a good flat on scan. If genuine (there are some unusual things I see and some good) it would be early to mid 70's. Felt tip? Perhaps pencil? It looks so. It is always a good idea to make high res flat scans before framing. And avoid buying things already framed unless you like "surprises".

Here is a thread for you to look at which I have written:

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I am very conservative. I would be close to "likely genuine" but that to me means little - I can't read the surfaces, paper or ink and the image is skewed. Nothing can replace in hand examination. Curious - where did you get it and what did it cost?

If you can get a good flat clear sharp image I could say more. To say more than I already have would be irresponsible of me.

Hi Eric, thanks for the great info!.  It's not mine. It's also framed with Carney, Meadows, and Randolph's signatures.    I will try to get a better picture of  Gleason's signature.  The owner is a registered UACC member. Not sure how much stock you put in that though.  I will try to post another picture.

Hi Otisman, you are most welcome. You can see my set here. It took, all told, 40 years to complete from my first secretarial to the final extremely rare signed Gleason 5x7.

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Wow!  Very impressive collection!

Hello All, after a much better scan and time to review my advice was to simply avoid for several reasons. Terrier wrote me independently with the same observations. 


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