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is this pink floyd with syd barret autographs legit? please help!

so i bought these from a seller on ebay.... bmike4 he has a feedback score of over 6000 and has been selling memoribilia since 2000. he had no COA for this so sold it at a reasonable price...if its legit. i have spent hours scanning the net for examples of stuff from back in the 60's and every example is VERY different...especially rick's i have seen many similarities in different examples but i tried a quick opinion on PSA and it came back "not likely genuine".

So...i told the seller this and he said if i send it back he will refund my money, he said he was VERY surprised to hear the results..however i do know PSA does sometimes say not likely so they arent on the hook if its fake. i have a good feeling about these though...what do you guys think? should i send it back or keep it?! HELP!!!!

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Here are two of my Pink Floyd signed album pages from the 60's.  Both pages are authenticated by Roger Epperson.




ya i saw those on this site...what do you think? its making my head hurt haha

you think i should send em back? what bugs me is ricks looks so different...

maybe i should get an opinion from this roger guy?


Get an opinion from Roger to make sure, but I believe PSA/DNA was right. To me, it looks like one person signed your Pink Floyd piece, and did not do a passable job.

ya i think i should count my losses on shipping and just send it back tomorrow...i trusted his perfect feedback score since 2000...i guess u really cant go on that. burned and lesson learned.

really sucks cus it was gift for my fathers retirement. im a SUCKER.

thanks for the feedback...

If you are within the money back period and you love it, get Roger's opinion if you want. I'mnot an expert but I think it's quite unlikely genuine.

Not sure.  I would probably get an opinion from Roger.



PSA is correct on this one, most likely not genuine.  Not a bad attempt but not authentic.

thanks alot roger, i really appreciate your advice. its a shame so many arseholes got to ruin the collecting hobby for everyone. iam sending this back in the mail today. cheers!


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