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Need help asap. Is this real sticker and psa certificate? It's old rectangular

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these are from a while ago but to be sure i would contact psa on their website...i have one item with the same certification ''without the glitter on the card and the cutting not so good'' 

  • So you have the same one similar but it was authentic
  • ? What do you think about the sig

the same type of hologram and card ''not the same item''... and i have no knowledge about sports autographs such as basketball - baseball - etc. 

I do understand thanks! I'm just worried heard a lot of fake psa especially it can't be scan by the app because it's old

No, be aware of PSA stickers begin with B that are fake in most cases

you are right there,because i did help a auction house in the netherlands because one seller did have fake psa-dna certification in his listings and they removed it. i did get help from a other member of autograph live...maybe you could post a link to the other items from the seller because that makes things clear ''good or bad''.

Yes. I found some sold but was taken off PSA database. That's why I have to make sure it's all similar signatures meaning same forger

can't find the number b07323 on the psa-dna website so i would let the bryant go. is this bryant from a seller in spain?''

It's verified problem is the signature i don't think it's real 

ok, when i did try to find that number nothing happened. i keep wondering how many fakes are made by now? this is really bad news and think psa did change their logo because of that.

The card looks strange and I would avoid. The sticker on the photo also looks off and the signature is also slowly written IMO



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