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Need help asap. Is this real sticker and psa certificate? It's old rectangular

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Yes your correct on that. Sticker is very off and doesn't have that bold letters. Yup signature is looks fake and I have seen this sig with other psadna 

For me. The same person doing all this forgeries and people have been scam big time. I check two of this are taken off database in psa. I guess something happend when a buyer complain

B07306 and B07441

Good work and I agree, these are the same person or people and it's good those are deactivated although I imagine there are many more out there

I’ve been in a similar position where the Seller made a fake PSA sticker that matched up with the database and actually printed over a legit PSA cert card with the new numbers. These cert cards appear to be crooked and overall poorly made forgeries. The way I knew for sure is when I removed the sticker From my item it was not at all “tamper evident” as PSA and JSA stickers absolutely are. This is clearly a risky strategy to take LOL and only one I took after getting more opinions.

These scammers monitor eBay and other auction houses for legit very numbers, then use them for their forgeries. It’s a shame PSA isn’t very helpful or responsive to identifying these when it happens, however it appears here that they’ve removed the number from their data base (bravo PSA.) Kobe, Lebron, MJ, Tiger Woods, all major sports celebs are who go for high value are forged. I’ve even seen sellers attempt to type up their own LOA to look like it was made by the major authentication companies using legitimate cert numbers. That’s why having pictures in the third party authentication websites make a HUGE difference and effectively stops this scamming. PSA has also upgraded their stickers in response to this, as has JSA consistently.

This is why I usually pay to “upgrade to a full LOA” with these services. This way you know your item is pictured in the system, and the ID number you’ve been assigned won’t be used by a scammer (potentially ruining your items value) Beyond safe buying platforms like eBay where you can get an easy return, buyers are constantly being fooled by these quick and poorly done scams. Be careful out there and happy collecting! RIP Mamba 

you are right about psa that they don't respond whyle i and others just trying to help!...

Rob I just bought a jersey today. What do you think? It seems it's legit auto, card and sticker and he did a psa way back 2018

looks good to me...so the story about item numbers starting with a ''B'' is not always right.

Yes probably.. I don't know if I need to send this off to get loa

I notice that this is common in ebay. Is this kobe old sign? I rarely seen them in panini or upperdeck



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