Hi all, I'm wondering what peoples opinions are on the Koufax auto below. Thanks and happy new year!

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I think it's good. Hopefully others will chime in.

Thanks, John! Do other folks have opinions about this? Thanks. 

Bumping this one up one last time. Sent to Beckett Quick opinion and was deemed likely not authentic. However, I trust the opinions of those on this site much more, so I would really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!

I'm sorry Greg. This auto looks fine to me. It's just  my opinion of course. Unless I have it in my hand to really give it a honest evaluation. Sometimes you can't put too much emphasis or stock into a quick opinion. I don't see anything that stands out that would make it fake. Don't take my word for it. There's definite fluidity to the autograph. It's not slowly drawn. Listen, I could be wrong. I am quite often. Lol. Compare it to this authentic one that I own.

Here's an even a better comparison.

Thanks John. Really appreciate it! I agree that it doesn't look like a fake to me either. But, who knows I'm still very much a novice at this :)

You're quite welcome. Some great advice I received on here. Study the authentic ones, not the forgeries, because, if you have the authentic ones burnt into your mind, anything else will not suffice.

Makes a lot of sense!

I will say this having got Koufax in person before.  If this was a sit down signature at a show, which he very rarely does, then I would say it is fake.  He takes his time and his signature is very consistent.  If this was signed at spring training, then I would say likely authentic.



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