hi all!1 have the chance to buy this from a pretty reputable guy however he has NO proof of the authenticity of said item 

wanted to see what everyone's opinion 

thanks in advance 

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Did he say if it was a "through the mail", or gotten in person? If so, the approximate date?  Or did he buy it already signed?

got it in the mail about 5 years ago. i've literally never seen a bad word from this guy


jack and stan are highly faked hence the questioning of the autograph 

Not the origin of your acquisition. If he mentioned when or where and how. It's a later Kirby style Blockier. Tighter. As well as several different characteristics not typical of his 30s through 70s style.. If your source obtained it through the mail, say he sent it to Kirby or a promoter; that's what I was asking. If he imparted any knowledge to you about his acquisition.  

not at all. he sells a bunch on ebay but i've been doing business with him for quite some time 

never a kirby sig though 

Since this seller's non-authenticated Lee signatures on bargain box comics have sputtered then tanked to about the $20 each range in his auctions, he's branched out into Kirbys. This seller has already been discussed on this forum and others. He does have some authentic ones in his listings. Not for auction though because he needs these to create the appearance that he sells authentic material. And some of them are. Fixtures, for a legitimate appearance. But the Kirbys and Lees from his listings have already been discussed here and elsewhere.  


so fake then??

It's not impossible that it may be OK. Everything he has up now is good, but there isn't a Kirby or Lee among his listings, which is highly unusual (a scare, perhaps? Change of heart?) He did have 5 to 10 Lees listed for auction and sold every week, right? Now, after many hundreds of them, none?

His Kirbys had a certain, consistent look to them. They were all blatantly bad in the same way. This isn't that look. It doesn't appear to be the seller's handwriting, as was a feature of his old listings and the Kirbys that PGX was authenticating prior to their no longer accepting Kirbys (and Lees and Ditkos) for authentication (a smart move on their part).

So the question is this. Why the change? Why wasn't this listed? Why no more Lees, and then Kirby and Lees that proliferated his listings for the longest time?

Some features of the signature I like, some I don't. He may have drastically improved his craft (which was the pits) or it may be OK. Later Kirby? With Roz signing that blockier, tighter style for him. 50/50 on this. Can't get past that for the signature alone. But when you add the seller's past track history into the mix plus the fact that it's cover signed, very rare for Kirby, the odds for authentic dip below 50/50.

What I can tell you is that this is not his usual *horrific (*I owe Chris another quarter for use of that word on this forum) Kirby. It's not T-84s typical and recognizable Kirby forgery.

What's the price?

This is the typical "garbeige"


The Lee is a horror. The Kirby has characteristics in the signature that Jack had abandoned altogether by 1977. The track, the impression made by the ball-point in the paper hasn't even begun to relax, it's still a deep furrow.

Kirby and Lee for $130? OK. Nobody is letting a real Kirby or chancing one going for less than $200, let alone with Lee, even on a book worth a minimal value..

Of course, if you can easily replace it, that's a different story. You can let Lees go for $20 and Kirbys go for a hundred or so.

Fact of the matter is that Kirby used to be a difficult signature. Now, not so much. More have been created since ebay than all that Jack signed combined prior to that.

Robert. Did we lose you, Robert?

The Dynamic Forces Kirbys for reference:

This is a horrible forgery. The eBay seller tonfulle-84 has sold numerous Kirby (as well as Stan Lee) forgeries. Please let me be clear, these Kirby signatures sold by this seller are total fakes and are not even secretarial signatures from Jack's wife Roz. As only some people are aware, Roz actually was the person who signed the nearly 2,500 signatures on the X-Men Marvel Milestone Edition comics from 2001 that came certified as legitimate from otherwise reputable Dynamic Forces. Roz signed for most of Jack's later years in-the-mail signature requests, and obviously Dynamic Forces acquired the Kirby signatures through the mail because they definitely were never witnessed. Jack had horrible arthritis in his hands over his last years and had a hard enough time signing 30 or so items for me in the comfort of his Thousand Oaks home over a 3 hour span back in the summer of 1989. Just be especially cautious of sellers offering quantity of Kirby signatures at low starting bids. Authentic Jack Kirby signatures are extremely tough to find. Anyone who truly obtained one knows that and would never give it away.



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