bought this Original hbo poster some years ago and have no doubts about authenticity but could be wrong. i'am planning to frame it in the next few days and thought to post it and get some opinions so that i don't have to reframe it when i find out later i was wrong. thanks for helping.

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Yes, I’m not sure about this one either. Below is a link to mine, which I’m sure is genuine. If your is genuine, it’s a rushed one compared to mine.

But I’m far from an expert on his signature, hopefully other members with more knowledge than me will help out!

he did sign in differend styles and found a few signed the way like on the poster...i'am a fan of autograph world so the autographed photo you posted must be real ''without that information i could not guess what to think about that autograph''.

Cogo’s James Gandolfini autograph is much more typical of his autograph style.  It did not change very much over the years of his popularity.

this one i found on and did compare it with the signed poster and it come very close i thought.

The “J” does not compare at all.  That is one of the things that I look at.  Sorry, Rob.  I hope that I am wrong.

i did compare this autograph with the signed poster i posted and the ''j'' is the same...but maybe this signed photo is wrong to and than comparing have no use. the asking price for this photo is 600 dollar + and don't know much about gallery of history,inc .

Gallery of History is reputable, as well as expensive.  The bottom loop of the “J” is typically more narrow than the top loop.  That is one of my concerns.  You can also compare it to mine in My Photos.

can't reach your photo's and curious how i can

Got him in person a number of times.  Sorry, I dont like the poster.

thank you all for your opinions...this poster was signed at a event 15 years ago that was organized by the father of james gandolfini ''james gandolfini sr right before he died. this event for charity was attended by james gandolfini jr and he signed this poster. i have no doubts about the person who sold it to me and i'am sure it's not a fake autograph but to be honnest i agree the autograph he signed is rare. wil do my best to get more info because the best wishes part on the poster is 100% from james because i did compare it with others and could not find anything wrong. the autograph would take some time for me to get a better feeling about it.


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