I bought a small booklet at an estate sale in Kansas with articles pertaining to JFK assassination. Inside the booklet was a folded piece of paper which turned out to be a banquet program for Senator JFK's speech/dinner at a local high school on Oct 22, 1960.  I thought it was cool, took it home and didn't look at for a few days. Finally looked at it closely and on the back of the program was an autograph....for a moment I thought, who the heck signed this...then I said no way....took a look on ebay and found one authenticated autograph that is really close to what this one looks like.  What do you think? The top auto on the torn envelope with the Jfk pic is the authenticated on. The one I found is the large one.

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I also did some research on the person I bought the JFK program from. They were an elderly couple...the husband passed away last year and the wife this year. House/contents were being sold by local estate sale company. There was no touting of a JFK autograph of any sort. The husband was a longtime business owner and civic leader. In his obit that was still posted, I searched through all the pics and saw him pictured with Richard Gephardt, who ran for president twice. Anyway, he was a big time guy in the community and I surely do not get the vibes that he was a forger etc. It was like he got the auto on the program and stuffed it away and no one knew it was even there. 

I am not sure on this... Anybody else?

I do not pretend to be an expert on JFK, but with this I would really get it checked out good before selling.   It looks good though very "bright" and I wonder why the person did not have him sign under the photograph.  Neither of those observations mean anything but it is curious.  On the other hand the fact the item itself was not in the sale is good.   If I found a similar item from an event that was local to my area that would make be a bit more comfortable.   It appears to me to look like a felt tip, and they did have those then, but was wondering if there is any bleeding through on the reverse?  Hopefully someone in the group will be able to help.  I hope it is real that would be a great find.



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