I have this Jim Morrison Signed 3X5 index card. Its mounted on a matte display. On the back there is a Notarized Certificate of Authenticity from The Morrison Organization, Inc. States this Certificate of authenticity has been deemed authentic as of June 25, 2001 by a notary of the public.

I would like feedback on this piece as to if its authentic or not. Ideally, I want to send to PSA for Authentication but don't want to waste $200 for authentication fees if its "no good".

Any thought and concerns will be appreciated. Thank you very much!



Signature (up close)

Notarized Certificate of Authenticity

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Knowing relatively little about Morrison's signature, my immediate questions about the item would be: 

1) Was it common for him to sign index cards. Or for that matter, were signed index cards common during the 60s/early 70s? Seems like that's a somewhat more modern thing.

2) The signature looks unusually slow.

3) That "COA" is baffling. First, a notary public has no inherent authority to authenticate autographs. Plus, is it authenticating the autograph or that very COA that the notary public signed? If it's the latter, that's just absurd. It appears to be worthless in either case.

There is no notary public seal on the document. Every US notary stamps their seal on anything they notarize.

Also, a notary public only witnesses the signing of documents and verifies the signer's identification from a driver's license, passport, etc. They do not authenticate anything. 

Unfortunately, in my opinion it isn't authentic. It does appear slowly drawn and the shape doesn't look right. I don't believe I've ever seen a Morrison signed index card. 


The COA is probably bogus.  "The Morrison Company?"  They made that up to sound legit -- just like in Operation Bullpen where you had the "J.Dimaggio" Company issuing bogus certs. 

If you believe this to be authentic, why wasn't it sent to PSA prior to being listed on eBay? You stated that this was what you wanted to do.


Better yet, why'd he bother asking if he was just going to list it anyway?

Apparently it's worth sending it to a TPA if it's authentic, and if not just take it directly to eBay.


I rarely sell things on eBay, but I have sold things with out any TPA authentication. They generally bring less, but when the authentication is expensive, it can be a wash.

I just sold something for $660 that would have sold for $800-$900+ with TPA certification, but with the $150 cost for PSA/JSA/Beckett, it wasn't worth it.

In the case of Morrison and other high-end rock, you generally need their OK to get market prices, but I don't look at not having that alone too suspiciously.

I agree that a lack of authentication by a TPA isn't suspicious in and of itself, even with a Morrison signature. However, what I do consider to be suspicious is someone indicating that they would like to send an item to PSA, and then immediately listing it on eBay after receiving negative opinions. 

Sorry, Ballroom...I totally missed that! I thought Ben was considering buying it. That's what I get for not reading a post carefully.

That's why I said "disgusting" - then I thought I had misread and edited myself! LOL



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