Jim Morrison of The Doors Exclusively on Elextra Records Signed Promotional Head Shot

Jim Morrison of The Doors Exclusively on Elextra Records Signed Promotional Head Shot
Posted by Matty Mich on November 4, 2018 at 8:41am in Music Autographs & MemorabiliaView Discussions
Jim Morrison Fans -----

It's time to share this photo with the world. Apparently very few people even know this exists. First, I was surprised to learn the low number of authentic Jim Morrison autographs, cutouts-photos-anything- in the wild (300 +-). Second, I sorta expected to see some sort of version of this promotional head shot photograph elsewhere over the past 20 years. NOTHING! I would love to have some fun with this autograph community and encourage a healthy discussion. Let me open the DOOR; I will say this came with the concert program (California show). Unfortunately, while in college I had a debt to be paid and my friend got extremely lucky receiving the program instead of cash money. The program is long gone and hopefully it is sitting in a good home. I do not remember (yet) the location or the year of the concert and I so WISH I still had that item. The value would be incredible due to confirmation and authenticity with time and location. If I saw a copy of a program, I will be able to remember and fill in the blanks (Location, Venue, Date......) Any direction for this type of material to view would be greatly appreciated. This will allow me to share with all interested fans.

I am curious what everyone thinks and what they know about this Item. I may even consider putting it up for sale but am not ready to put a price on it yet if at all. Like anything, it’s worth what someone is willing to pay for as well as what it takes to get it out of my extensive, precious Rock n Roll Collection.

Enough from me now, I will enjoy sharing information with everyone over the next few weeks. I encourage everyone to post their opinion, questions and comments. Everyone is welcome to chime in on this one.


Sincerely, Matty

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Ya thats much better thx Tim lol

Now let's wait for replies from the dynamic duo of JM

Strikes me as oddly formed. Lets see.

My eyes say no go. Love to see what our local gurus say!


Fantastic News Fans!!!!   The link above is ANOTHER identical autographed headshot found on a site called fan pop.  I did a search for Jim Morrison Elektra, scrolled down one screen to find the identical signed image.  If anyone is interested in taking a look and making a comparison, I would appreciate your feedback.  It appears to be signed the same angle, same style, possibly thicker ink. (worn down marker?) It appears he may have been signing promotional photos of sorts for who knows what.  (Record store, fan club......)  I would have to say that helps prove it is an authantic Jim Morrison autograph!  

Those of you that say NO GO please consider the new facts and revisit your assumption.  Its kind of hard to deny this comparison.  Unless they are both fake!  Any gumshoes want to take a crack at this mysterious sleuth?  

It references the title "FIRE"

Very, Very, Very  Cool! 

I did my best to paste it below (once again a neck burner!)  Tim, can you assist with your magic once more?  


It really proves nothing, lol. So there are 2. Why stop with 1 if you can fool 2?

Im not a paid pro. I simply gave my opinion based on my 2 eyeballs and the real ones I have seen here. That is what this site is all about, so relax.

Neither of these compare well with proven real JM sigs. My 2 cents. 

This is the third example I've seen of this signed photo. Here are the other two:

Here are the first two posted together.

Click for larger image:

Based on all the evidence given 

It tells me everything is fake

Why do you believe that they’re fake?

These are all authentic ? 

Holy moly... That made my heart skip a beat

The other 3 members look like nothing I've seen before

Do you know the story behind these pieces? 

They apparently were sent out by the fan club. I think they’d have to be either real or secretarial. The other three signatures look correct to the period. The connection from the M to the O in Jim’s signature is unusual, but otherwise they seem to look too good to be secretarial.

Is the over-sized J not fairly atypical as well, Ballroom?



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