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Hi, what are your opinions on this signed Jimi Hendrix? Should be obtained 1967 at Germany....

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Thank you!

Here’s something interesting. The top and bottom examples were written by Noel Redding. The one in the middle is from the promo card.

Seems that Noel Redding written (and maybe signed) it at that concert. He was in the band from 1966 until 1969, so 1967 could match.

The signature wouldn’t be from Noel. Do you know which concert it was?


28. May 1967 at 

Jaguar Club, Herford.

Thank you. I’ve added one more example from Noel at the end with a similar first E and X.

The "experience" was written maybe at the concert from Noel. But from where does the signature came...? It's a genuine card from the Jaguar Club. So anything happend on that evening that Noel wrote experience and anyone else signed the Hendrix...

If Noel wrote “Experience”, the signature would be from Jimi. It certainly has good traits, and the card itself is rare. Why is it getting the bad reviews though? Are people getting confused because it’s in two different hands? I’d like to know what issue(s) they’re seeing.

I sent a Quick opinion request to Roger Epperson and he answered: It’s very good forgery in my opinion

Yes, A.B. did as well and he received the same opinion.

Interesting. Did he mention anything about the “Experience” portion?

EDIT: This was in response to a now deleted post.

He thought also that this part was written by Redding  


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