I purchased a James Stewart autograph recently from Regan's Autographs (seems legit...anyone know anything about them?), and I was curious as to its authenticity. It seems to be an early signature, and the Jimmy looks right to me, but the Stewart seems a little off...maybe it was just rushed? Would love to know your thoughts!

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Sorry, this isn't even close in my opinion.  Here are two in person signatures that I obtained from Jimmy Stewart myself.  I'm sure you will be able to see the differences.   Good Luck.

OK, I think we may be jumping the gun a bit saying this is not genuine. The OP appears to be an early signature; probably in the 1940's versus his signatures later in life. I think this has a decent chance of being an early, in person, somewhat rushed Stewart signature. IMO.

I agree Joe and Scott, I may have jumped the gun because mine are definitely "later in life" signatures. However, having said that, I have seen many earlier signatures of his and I have not seen any with that style "connected" "J" in Jimmy or connected "T" at the end of Stewart.  I may be wrong. I apologize for being hasty in my response because I was going off my own in person signatures of which I have several others.

Here is an example which is more articulated although it's not a stretch to see some similar characteristics with the OP.

Here is another example.

I think its fine Joe. There are even observable similarities in the first two IP and the OP.

Joe, are you confident in the authenticity of those examples ?  They certainly lend credibility to the OP but I am still somewhat skeptical...

Here is an overlay for loops/slants and so on with the OP and one of Joe's examples:

I just threw those two up because they were independently authenticated. As a reference. My personal thoughts is the OP is likely a genuine, early example. I actually owned a similar example in the past which I no longer have an image of. With that said, the OP is extremely rushed and not a prime specimen.

Been doing a little more digging...  although there appears to be some similar characteristics with these vintage signatures to the OP, the "J" is worrisome to me.  Below find signatures from 1936, 1948, 1953, 1955 and 1956.  Also, a group lot that has a range of signatures from 1949 through 1976.  All of these are from past auctions from RRAuction.  This will require some time to do detective work (unfortunately I can't right now)...but they should offer some insight into his signature changes and characteristics through the years.  At first glance though I was unable to see any where the "J" starts in the same place as the OP.  Please let me know your thoughts.


additional photos


These appear relaxed/seated. Did you find any signed "IP rushed" such as the OP? I can not discount the "Ste" and all the relations in the overlay of the OP and Joe's. 




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