I purchased a James Stewart autograph recently from Regan's Autographs (seems legit...anyone know anything about them?), and I was curious as to its authenticity. It seems to be an early signature, and the Jimmy looks right to me, but the Stewart seems a little off...maybe it was just rushed? Would love to know your thoughts!

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Hi Eric, I have been searching for more of a "rushed" vintage style but haven't found one yet (like a needle in a haystack). I agree that the "ST" seems to add credibility and that his later signature definitely changed to the separated (and drop down) "T" at the end of Stewart. I saw the overlay and that certainly illustrated your point. However, I am not 100% convinced that the examples Joe provided are authentic - in fairness, I have no experience or knowledge of James Spence Authentication - I have never used them and have no experience with their reputation. I will continue to dig - I'm sure there is another rushed example out there. I, too, believe it to be likely authentic (my original assessment was definitely a rush to judgment), I just can't get past that "J" in Jimmy...


The negative space and downward "shape" or "space" created by the "Ste" can be seen in many of those you posted, as well as the corresponding alignment of angles. I did not look at any stickers. 




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