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Thanks for posting. I ordered one. 

You're welcome :)

Doesn't get much better than $12 for a non-bookplate signed book, in my opinion :D

Oh, the book is signed. I'm getting it then. Thank you for posting!

I can’t see them

What's the matter?

Mine is in. Is it autopen?

Sorry the picture is sideways. It needs rotated counterclockwise one turn. 
here is the reverse.

I don't see this being autopen. Did you find another signatur on the web that looks similar or what makes you think so?

I didn’t do any comparisons. I’m just always concerned when I see heavier ink concentrations (dots) at the turns in a signature as seen on the reverse of this signature. Machine made signatures do this sometimes. 
Hopefully others will post their examples for comparison. 

Not autopen. His end sig does have a lot of pressure in certain areas. Check out his online signing for his events. 

I'm not an expert but those dots at the end of the letters look exactly like those left by an autopen machine, that being said, Cena has always been really good about signing and doesn't seem like someone who would do that so I really don't know.



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