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Eric is a moderator.

You posted this discussion asking for contributions on authenticity. I don't doubt the authenticity, but other member aren't sure and the better photos will help them.

Regarding the condition of the piece, I'm not surprised that it looks better in person. That's not unusual for pieces like this. Folds and creases can look a lot less attractive in photos and scans.

that is a ridiculous accusation.  Just because a few of us are offering different opinions than the one you want, we are sharks?   You really need to grow up.  You are the one that started this discussion AGAIN.  What the hell did you expect?    I respect everyone here that offered an opinion.  I do not include you in that group.  Enjoy your new purchase.  It will be forever shrouded in doubt.

"...I feel that out of spite? jealousy? Eric and a band of others are sharks circling this piece just to cut it up...."


Don’t let the door hit ya in the ass on your way out.

Joe, don't talk like that here. That attitude is not allowed.

And please point me to Ballrooms response.

Do you not remember a certain letter supposedly written and signed by Freddie Mercury? It had two papers of sterling source - and was found to be a forgery by the good folks in here.

You can guess who wrote them.

Jimmy if you are happy with the item then that’s 100% fine with me....Jimmy started this thread and if he is satisfied then he can choose to close it, all this ganging up on him is totally uncalled for, please stop it, there’s no one on this group who is good enough to know for 100% certain if this item is good or not...just leave him and the item be, we’ll all have to agree to disagree on this one...this bullying is not what I signed up for either, it’s not right, certain members on this group have been called bullies before, I’m sure none of us signed up for it or not, it’s up to you...but Jimmy has spent good money on this piece, likes it and is happy with his new purchase and that all is cool with me, Jimmy close the thread if you are satisfied with the responses you have received thus far and finally, enjoy the piece. The only opinion that seriously really matters here is yours. Peace and Love !  

Keep your Ringo Starr sentiments. “Jimmy” came here for opinions, when he didn’t like them, he continually closed replies, then made lying accusations at senior members. Jimmy wanted 100% participation trophy saying it’s good, and when he didn’t get it, came up with a victim statement. Eric attacks no one. If you don’t want feedback, don’t ask for it to begin with.

The way the Harrison runs away gets me but it's such a long name to sign but if Jimmy's happy and Rogers authenticated them , good for him. How much were the autographs?

Joe,  as I wrote earlier, Jimmy is happy with his new purchase and has a letter of authenticity from one of the best in the business, so for him that’s good enough...all our thoughts are now irrelevant, so if he chooses to close a thread he started then that’s fine by me, as I also wrote sometimes we all have to learn to agree to disagree...Jimmy has paid good money for an item he sees as authentic , he’s not selling fakes or anything silly like for that reason we should just let him get on with it and not get into any sort of disagreement with him...this is just my opinion and just like you have done, I have every right to my opinion...I know you didn’t take kindly to it as your uncalled for reply suggests but peace and love to you too...they are my sentiments as well...the more peace and love in the world the better this world will be. 



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