I have 4 scripts for John Lennon's play "in His Own Write".  I think John's play was presented in London, New York and Philadelphia (Tower Theatre).  The National Theatre wrote to John on 11-16-1967 to see if he wanted any corrections (see scan of the letter).  Almost all of his supposed corrections are in one script (Unrevised Text, Not to be used for setting).  The attached scans are of the longest ones.  This is a unique item and I wonder if a definitive opinion of authenticity is possible.  Any comments would be appreciated.

Regards, Russ

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The handwriting looks to be Lennon's...especially:"Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen"....nice items!! Lennon worked with actor Victor Spinetti on this in London in 1968...

I suspected it was legit.  But it is nice to hear it is.  Thanks!!!

The top two are definitely in John's handwriting, but the bottom one (View Point) isn't. Are you thinking of selling them? I see an email from Ted Owen underneath, is that where you got it from?

Yes, I believe that Ted Owens had the item at some time.  Then it was sold to Darius Transky a long time retired Beatles Con vendor that I am working with.  I would be interested in selling.  I wanted to make sure it was genuine first with the goal of selling.  Do you have interest and what do you think it is worth?

Thanks! Russ

Hey Russ...I can get you a good price at auction Let me know...Thanks


I am interested in selling.  One Autograph Live member has requested more photo's because they are considering making an offer.



You have eagle eyes Dan!

Only one of the three sheets has Johns writing on it.

Middle one...



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