There was a recent discussion of a Lennon signature claimed to be from his appearance at radio station WFIL's Helping Hands Marathon in May, 1975. This prompted a suggestion that we should have a signature study of Lennon's sometimes difficult to authenticate post-Beatles signature. Some examples from this period are highly abbreviated.

I'd like to start by focusing on that May 1975 signing appearance with exemplars that are believed to be from that 3-day period. What would be particularly helpful would be examples from catalogs that go back a ways.

Here are a couple of WFIL signatures from Meet the Beatles For Real, one of which includes a doodle.

Here's a group of check signatures from 1970, sorted by date - April 8, June 3 (2), July 7, October 14, November 12 (3).

A few more from 1970:

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Thanks for doing this Ballroom!

Thanks so much Ballroom, very kind of you , I would like to add this Lennon from the WFIL event , I actually owned this at one time, I do miss it

That's an interesting signature. Here's another that looks similar.

Agreed very similar, i actually went to the event as a teenager and got a index card signed in red and sold it about 2 years ago to upgrade to another Lennon , thanks for sharing
Did any of the, Beatles experts aithenticate your imagine lp, Sgt pepper?
Yes Paul, It had Frank Caiazzo & Perry Cox COA's
A forger was knocking up this style sometime ago, some of these were on ebay. Can we be confident that they're real, or has the forger thrown me off. The style is slightly different to the others. Forgive me for asking.
Point well taken Paul, I bought my Imagine in very early 2015, I believe the forged ones came out late 2015 or possibly early 2016 , but they were dam good , glad they were discovered and hopefully stopped, have not seen them pop up in some time , if I remember they were in red ink
I can say that I bought this from a respected Beatles autograph
dealer, not sure if he is a member , but he is a gentleman
They were in red pen!
The Lennon i own from the mid 70s is the rigid style.

Here are a couple to consider in relation to the signed Imagine and flyer. Both are said to be from the WFIL signing and appear to be on the same paper stock.

Where did you get these from?

I think they were posted on this site.



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