What do you think about this one? 

And why there is a Swastika in the end?

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I have seen this before. I believe the autograph is genuine. The swastika is not the German style, maybe the hindu style. 

I've seen this before as well...signed tour program.  It's also used as a symbol of divinity in Indian religions ...especially  Hinduism.

Here is another Lennon with a Swastika

HI yes this is the Hindu symbol a swastika is the other way round

This symbol, the other way around, was once part of the 45th infantry uniform in the USA. Until the 1930's.

Definitely a nazi reference. That was johns twisted humor. He did a lot of nazi references in Hamburg. 

Lennon was into Nazi stuff; there was at least one drawing floating around where he drew himself as if he were Hitler, and wrote "Heil John" on it. Weird stuff.....once you see it, you can't unsee it. 

When The Beatles came to Australia Lennon did the Nazi salute to a large crowd! 



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