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Currently there are 392 left. It seems that they have fun to increase the stock again and again

Sold out again.  This guy is popular.

He probably also made lots of new fans performing with The Dead, like myself who never really paid much attention to him before. After seeing him with them I went back to his old stuff and got myself familiar with it. Great player (and not just on guitar according to the tabloids). :D

Yeah probably one of the better modern guitar players out there and between his own music and The Dead he's got a big following. Not to mention he's the proud title holder of the most impressive ex-girlfriend list. Haha. 

If anyone gets an extra, I would love to buy it from you.  I really like John Mayer and just saw this so I missed out.  :(

Does anyone have an idea of when our signed CD'S will be shipped??! I haven't gotten a shipping confirmation yet. Newbury Comics is usually prompt with sending the signed copies out but we could be experiencing what we experienced with the Katy Perry signed CD from them. They also just had Record Store Day 2 as well...!

They sent me a confirmation email stating to be patient with my order, since they have to deal with hundreds of cd's to be shipped at once.

Ok, thanks for letting me know! We will eventually get our signed CD! 

I received a shipping confirmation, so they have started shipping. They'll probably ship these in batches considering the number of orders.

Someone on John Mayer reddit posted a photo of the Newbury signed booklet, except it's not actually a booklet. It's a flat slipcover and it is a little smaller than the booklet. 

Well that sucks. I understand that I am fussy in what I collect. And just because I can get an autograph I would like in the collection, if it isn't in the format I collect (mostly CD booklets/vinyl) I am not really interested. And these cheap 10 for a penny prints are about the worst. These were advertised as signed CD booklets which is why I gripe.


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