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Nice thanks 

Thanks! Been waiting for this.

Sold out now 

scrap that they are back 

Do you think it could be whole band?

My best guess would just Neal will sign.

Let's hope the whole band signs. Don't stop believin'.

I'm pretty new here-will Talkshop tell us while the order window is still active, or are we buying blind on who is signing?

No clue on when it will go away. They keep them up until they sell out. The bigger the quicker. In this case only Neal Schon is in the video. So that is the only one I would count on. Any more autographs from the band is a bonus.

Still available,, Release is 2 months away. I purchased some blindly and if I find out its only signed by Neal, I may try to cancel before release. I missed out on Steve Perry a few months ago. He's the main guy everyone wants. He won't be on this one.. duh.. Neal isn't bad to have but just feels incomplete to me. The listing details make me believe this will be signed by the current lineup but who knows

I really hope you are right. I will keep the one I ordered either way even if it is only Neal. I will grin and bear it. Another dude in his 70's I believe, so he's on the back half. I did get the Steve Perry record 5 or 6 years ago. That was before I knew about this place and was just fending for myself. Think I found out about that one on Blabbermouth which I haven't got a lead from since.

That's great! I hate the lack of details they give on their items, though.

Lol. I agree but half the time when they do, you don't get what they said you would anyways.


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