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I’m shocked these are still available. Must be due to the uncertainty around band signing. Still, at $15 you’d think people would be all over it.

If Steve Perry was still a member, I would agree. I havent listened to Journey outside of the 80s yet and feel conflicted on if I really want this in my collection. I'd much rather have Steve Perry by himself. Still may cancel. Theres lots of time and I want to listen to their newer stuff 1st. 

I agree. Have several Perry sigs. 

yeah for me it's just another case of it feeling like a cover band without the original lead singer, especially one as iconic as Steve Perry. The funny thing though is that if you haven't heard the new singer Arnel Pineda, he sounds amazingly like Steve and it's still a great show, and he is a great story as well, for those that don't know, he was a cover band singer playing bars in the Philippines and somehow Neil Schon saw videos of him singing Journey songs on Youtube, tracked him down and flew him in for the audition. I couldn't imagine anyone who could replace Steve Perry better and wish his signature held more value to me but it just doesn't, maybe it's just the fact that I know he was a cover band singer that makes it feel even more like a cover band. you should check him out though because he really does do a great job even though it is weird seeing a little Filipino guy who sounds just like Steve Perry lol

Confirmed signed by Schon,Cain and Pineda 

Cool-Where did you see that? I don't see an update on the TalkShop page?

I contacted customer service they were really good 

Thank you! If that's the case, is 15 dollars a CD a good investment?

I agree cant grumble for that price 

Nice. So 3/5 current members signed:

Neal Schon

Jonathan Cain

Arnel Pineda

So-Jason Derlatka and Jonathan Cain didn't make the cut on this one?

There are probably better things to buy if this is purely for investment. Definitely worse ways to spend your money though. Im keeping the 2 I ordered and will eventually pair it with a Steve Perry. If I can ever find him at retail price. 

Maybe Jason and Jonathan are currently on... a journey?

... I'll see myself out, thanks.



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