JSA Authenticated Jimi Hendrix Experience “Signed” Debut LP - Opinions?

This is from the current Gotta Have Rock and Roll auction. It comes with an LOA from JSA, but I see problems with all three signatures. The current bid is $12.5K with the buyer’s premium. What do you think? 


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It does seem perhaps odd that all sigs are in dark areas when they didn't have to be, but I imagine you have some other observation :-) 

That’s a good point, Eric. Look at how this one was signed.

Indeed, signed with attention to contrast. Other than that - I would not know. I am curious what you have spotted!

The entire Hendrix signature looks slowly and awkwardly drawn to me. The end of the signature looks particularly unusual.

Here’s another authentic one:

The presentation, spatial relationships and baseline look haphazard in comparison. Hopefully, keen eyes collectors will see that and the "couldn't be much worse" contrast and pass.

The only thing that doesn't seem haphazard is the placement.


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