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I have just been aware that my signed photo of charlize theron, naomi rapace and michael fassbender is not authentic.

Can anybody help me by spotting the wrongs?


Thank you!

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In my humble opinion, it looks like they were signed by the same hand. Check the flow of each autographs.

I agree. Also, while Fassbender is at least a clever forgery, they all look more like they're drawn on rather than signed. Notice the spacing and the angles of the signatures as well. It looks like one person put them in those locations to artistically fill the space, whereas real cast signed signatures are wherever the star put his or her hand. Sometimes they even go right over other signatures. The only time it would look like that would be if it were lesser known stars signing at a convention in a sit down setting. Also, Noomi's signature is very erratic. That one has some of the known characteristics, but the fact remains that it's drawn too nearly to be like what she usually scribbles. I don't know Theron's signature well enough to comment, but overall the warning signs alone are enough to suggest the whole piece is bogus. Her signature is the hardest to get and the most valuable, so no one would obtain her in person and then ruin it with fake signatures.

I hope thathelps. Those are the thoughts that went through my head when looking at it. Hopefully this helps you see what kind of things you should be thinking when examining a piece.



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