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Just out of curiosity--don't bite my head off, please :)

Hiya-- As I was surfing around on eBay, I found a listing for The Wall signed by all members of Pink Floyd. The seller claims there is a COA, and he currently does not have it/know where it is, but will provide if needed. Interpret as you will, I guess. Anyway, if this would be authentic (I'm skeptical of everything, always) it would make a lovely Christmas gift. I've attached a photo. From what I understand, Gilmour wasn't keen on autographs, so as I am a complete novice, I'd love opinions. As I stated in the title, I have absolutely zero experience with autographs in general, so if it's an obvious fake, I'm clueless. Mostly just curious, if anything. Thanks! :)

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Interesting though if the seller does not have or know where COA is then how can they provide it if needed?

I'd post a link to the auction.

Thanks for your input! His claim is that by putting it at a very low price, he will see if it goes without the COA. If someone demands the certificate, he will pay for it, and charge them the cost. The little bit I've read up on it, it seems the price is easily 1/4 of what the authentic autographed albums actually go for.Seemed weird to me, but what do I know!  Here's the link: 


I saw it. I think seller knows its bogus.


Yeah, as Rick said, definetly a forgery. They arent even ballpark. I would avoid the seller and report the item, i know i just did. But dont hesitate to post others you arent sure on. Pink Floyd are forged all the time, so it can be tricky 



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