I got this vinyl today and it is signed in the left corner


Fake or Real?

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Seller was dumb enough to re-list item the same day

This seller knows exactly what he's doing. The second you get refund I'd blast this crook with feedback.

This guy deserves negative feedback, so many bad fakes and look how shaky the Katy Perry signature is

Failed Quick Opinion

No shocker there. This seller knows full well that this stuff is garbage.

No response since the email I sent him that it failed quick opinion. Tony, is that prism yours?

I know the owner pretty sure he is selling it and it has been Psa'ed since that Image.

This is a horrible attempt on Spice Girls signatures. I have to agree that the seller Vinylondisplay knows that this is pure garbage. Feel free to report it to Ebay and see what will happen.

I called the item "Fake and Counterfeit" and failed PSA


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