I bought this sight unseen over 30 years ago. Doubtful it's real, but just wondering...

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Wow, that's a really poor forgery. Hope you didn't pay alot for it. 

Long time ago, I think it was $100.!

not good at all

That's a shame.

Super fake
Is this being called fake because of its style? In other words did he ever sign like this? Are there known exemplars of his early signatures or have they always been "Keith with Moon" below and a circle nearly encompassing his entire name?
Did he ever sign his full name in a straight line so to speak.

I haven't seen every signature Keith Moon signed, but John's Moon doesn't look anything like any I've seen, and it is much more smoothly signed than Keith's autographs I've seen.

Compare it to the examples I posted below from RR and Epperson. 

You're smart to ask questions, John. Here are some examples of genuine Keith Moon signatures, from RR Auction:

Here are a few from Roger Epperson's Signed Sealed Delivered:

Keith at right on photo, in red:
Keith at bottom left:

The writing on the EMI Records stationery is by Ian Tilbury, not Moon.

Thanks Steve......... they're truly amazing, some of those signatures really date back. Incredible that they have been preserved.

Isn't it? Moon died in 1978, so we have to thank those who cared enough to save his autographs.

John, Langton,

One warning sign on your autograph is that it's signed in marker, which was very unusual in the 1970s. Almost everything was signed in ballpoint pen or in pencil.



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