Anyone had eyes on a new KK signed pre order?

Hoping for a vinyl

Let me know

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Awesome! Got one - much appreciated!!!

They just posted that online orders are  now sold out. In store only left.


Received today. Very satisfied.

Looks great, mine is still pending and disappeared from Credit Card statement, not looking good, gutted :/

Did you pre order this or order just before you posted? 

They are saying they have sold out of records :/

I ordered just before I posted, then immediately came over here to share. You can see from my Facebook screenshot that the post was only 20 minutes old. 

I said to them that people had already received  :

We sold out of the record on release day (those who had pre-ordered theirs received their copy). We have kept the signed posters for those who ordered after we announced them, but we are still waiting on our shipment of more Kerry King records to arrive. Hopefully today or tomorrow we receive them and can get those orders processed.

Sounds like BS, but I hope not

I've never had an issue with them, and have ordered multiple times --I'd take them at their word. Sounds like they were sent more signed prints than records. 

Hopefully yours simply ships out in the next day or two.

🤞and thanks again for the lead

Mine just shipped under the same circumstances as you. 

Mine too


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