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Thanks for posting this,  This really sounds too good to be true for CDs signed by Paul and Gene to be $25.  I bit and ordered a couple, hopefully it will work out.  Fingers crossed.

Me too thanks

Thanks so much!! Also grabbed 2.

I was a little hesitant too-  The promo by Gene states that he and Paul signed a limited volume for the event.  I picked up a few to cross-compare.

Thanks a lot. I bought 1 for the collection :)

This is so awesome. No UK delivery sadly. If anybody could pick me one up I would appreciate:)



Gutted as it looks like they don’t ship to the UK.

Great find though

JBurnette - Nice work! Really appreciate this one :)

This could be the best one so far by talkshoplive. Iconic album signed by both of them for $25. Let’s hope they don’t over sale it. As far as I know every Alice Cooper went fine, right?

Alice Cooper signed cd sleeve went wonderful. Nicely packaged and beautiful signature in silver Sharpie.

Glad you like it, Jorge. Thanks for stopping the Rock N Roll Channel.

We think so as well, Julio!



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