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This is not authentic IMO

Hi Kurtis,

I moved this discussion to our Kobe forum. You don't need to do anything. You'll automatically go to the new forum when you click a link to a reply.

Okay, thank you

Did you buy this on Ebay after Kobe's unfortunate passing?

I haven't purchased it. It's currently on eBay. It has no COA but the Jersey is correct so I just wanted some advice on the signature 

Hi Kurtis,

Please post links to the listing as well. A good forger's work can be hard to detect for a while but there may be other signs for you to be extra careful. One of those things is what the seller's other autographs look like.

I wouldn't eat at Jeffrey Dahmer's hamburger stand, no matter how good the burger looked.

Thank you!

The link goes to a different signed Kobe that a lady in the UK said was sent to her husband by a friend in LA 5 years ago.

That one's signed on a jersey made in Thailand with a generic label, not the official label. That's all you need to know.

That's the correct one 

And yes, the pro cut Adidas jerseys have this label in the collar 

She's sent me pictures of the label inside with the date and QR tag

I'm not concerned about the authenticity of the Jersey itself 

The signature is also not authentic IMO regardless of the claimed story



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